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At QSI Chengdu, students receive individual and small group counseling from a licensed school counselor. The school counselor follows the ASCA, ISCA, and IACAC model for post-secondary and whole school counseling. Academic, career, and personal/social counseling services are available to 5 YO through Secondary 4 students. Whole school character education and success orientations are implemented monthly.

The school has developed relationships with mental health providers in the community to services students and families with needs beyond the scope of the school counselor. Students as young as 5 YO have opportunities to explore careers and post-secondary options. The official process begins in 13 YO with four-year high school academic planning that aligns with student’s academic and career goals.

Students complete interest surveys, PSATs, and provide information regarding post-secondary countries of interests and family plans. Throughout the school year, students are provided with virtual and in-person opportunities to meet with university admissions representatives and experts to learn about post-secondary options and planning. Once students determine which countries they intend to apply, they are advised on what post-secondary educational options and admissions look like in specific countries to include the US, Canada, UK, Hong Kong, Australia, Korea, Japan, China and any other destinations of interests for students. Students receive guidance on the use of major post-secondary and career platforms such as College Board, UCAS, and CommonApp. QSI also hosts an annual career fair in which international industry professional share their expertise on their academic and career path to their profession.

Success Orientations

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